The State Treasury lies under the remit of Ms. Yuriko BACKES, Minister of Finance, and is placed under the responsibility of Mr. Bob KIEFFER, Director of Treasury.

Mr. Laurent NICKELS, Conseiller, is additionally responsible for the staff management of State Treasury sections.

Ms. Yasmin GABRIEL, Attachée, is in charge of legal affairs with regard to State Treasury sections.

Mr. Luc NICKELS, Gestionnaire dirigeant, is in charge of IT developments and projects in procedural streamlining. He is responsible for the coordination of IT operations in State Treasury sections.

As required by the law, the various functions of the Treasury are exercised internally by specific sections:

  • The Consignment Office section (Head of section : Mr. Romain HEISCHBOURG)
  • The Accounting section (Head of section : Mr. Laurent NICKELS)
  • ·The Financial Management section (Head of section : Mr. Paul HILDGEN)
  • The Payments and Collections section (Head of section : Ms. Martine KNEIP)


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