1. Consigned movable assets are acquired by the State if, after a period of thirty years, no restitution request has been conveyed to the Consignment Office, in accordance with article 6 (1) of the 29 April 1999 law on consignments to the State; or if none of the acts foreseen by article 2244 of the Civil Code has been enforced. This period begins on the date of receipt as referred to in paragraph (1) of article 4 of the 29 April 1999 law on consignments to the State.

  2. At the latest six months before the expiry of this period, the Consignment Office shall notify by registered letter to the right holders – whose domicile is known according to documents in its possession – of the incurred deadline. In the absence of a known domicile or in the absence of a claim from the right holders – notified within two months of the shipment date of the aforementioned registered letter – the indications, which may allow the right holders to manifest themselves, are immediately published in the Memorial.

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