Receipt of assets to be consigned

  1. The Consignment Office is solely responsible for the custody of the consigned assets in view of their return to the right holders.

  2. The Consignment Office places in financial institutions in Luxembourg all consigned assets for which deposit accounts are normally open, such as amounts in national or foreign currency, securities or precious metals. With regard to deadlines, it takes into account its obligation to return the consigned assets within a reasonable time.

  3. The consigned assets other than those referred to in the previous paragraph are preserved unchanged in view of their return in kind to the right-holders. To this end, the Consignment Office can execute on its own right or through third parties, all administrative acts which it deems necessary.

  4. The amounts deriving from the loss of consigned assets are placed in accordance with paragraph (2).

  5. The custody charges of the consigned assets, including the Consignment Office charges as well as a consignment tax established on the basis of a rate to be fixed by Grand-Ducal regulation, are covered by annual charges on the proceeds and, failing that, on the profits of the consigned assets. The consignment tax cannot be set per year at less than 0.5% nor at more than 3% of the estimated value of the consigned assets.

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