Financial guarantees

Pursuant to article 93 (4) of the amended law of 8 June 1999 on the State Budget, Accounting and Treasury, the Financial Management section keeps the registry of guarantees granted by the State. The registry indicates in particular the outstanding amount as well as the timeframe of the granted guarantees.

Furthermore, the afore-mentioned law stipulates in article 80 (1) that the legislator is to pass a law for "any other financial commitment, including State guarantees, with an amount exceeding the sum of EUR 7.500.000 (seven million five hundred thousand)." This limit was increased to EUR 40.000.000 (forty million) by the 29 May 2009 law modifying article 80 of the amended 8 June 1999 law on the State Budget, Accounting and Treasury.

The financial guarantees granted by the Luxembourg State to borrowing companies, of private or public law, are in principle limited to a maximum amount. The Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement (SNCI) benefits nonetheless of an unlimited guarantee.

As of 31 December 2021, the Luxembourg State granted financial guarantees for a total of EUR 7.777,6 million EUR.

- Private law companies

List of financial guarantees granted to private law companies (only in french) 

- Public law companies

List of financial guarantees granted to public law companies (only in french)

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