Luxembourg Space Agency Foundation

Missions / objets :

The mission of the agency is to :

  • develop the Luxembourg space ecosystem and create synergies with businesses and organisations outside the space sector;
  • encourage the development of key skills and expertise, help to create jobs and boost the contribution of the space sector to Luxembourg’s economy;
  • assist the emergence of human resources at a national level and the appeal of space and its potential, especially among young people;
  • promote Luxembourg and its space sector internationally.

Données fondamentales :

Ministère de tutelle

Ministère de l'Economie

Capital social souscrit


Nombre de parts sociales


Valeur nominale d'une part sociale


Nombre de parts sociales souscrites par l'Etat


Taux de participation de l'Etat


Valeur nominale de la participation

2.000.000 EUR

Capital souscrit non versé



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